No concentration at all!

Hiyyah Everyone 

So does this happen to any of you?

I can literally be sat watching a programme or a movie and if anyone asks me anything about it It’s like I’ve not even been watching it.

I don’t take anything in, my mind is just busy and dosen’t take anything in.

It dosen’t matter how good the programme/ movie is it is like I have never watched it.

I can sit and watch a programme with my boyfriend and he will talk to me about it and I will just be like “oh I didn’t see that” 


I will watch the same programme at least three times and my boyfriend says you’ve already watched this and I’m sure I havent.

But then he tells me what is going to happen next and it usually happens.

It’s not to do with my memory… although that’s not fantastic it’s just I can’t concentrate. 

My mind is so busy thinking of everything that I just can’t take any information in.

It’s sad but it’s my life!

Does anybody else have thus problem who suffers with borderline personality disorder or any mental health problems? 

Thanks for reading 

Good night 



6 thoughts on “No concentration at all!

  1. I have trouble concentrating even during conversation since suffering from anxiety over the last 6 months or so, I don’t remember any plans we make, I’m completely blank to what I’ve said and to who in the last week! But yeah Tv is another one I just don’t take anything in, it’s hard and frustrating, I think my Husband sometimes finds it frustrating too (not that he’s ever said) but completely get why he does because il forget if he’s asked me to do something or pick something up! Mental health is a mine field! Completely baffling! I’ve just learned to go with it now, so if I end up telling him something 3 times I try not to dwell on it because it just makes me more anxious! X

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    1. You have just pretty much described my life right there hun. I think it frustrates everyone but we can’t help it. I just get worried that people think im being rude when I’m not just what they are saying just dosen’t go in xx

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      1. Snap I’ve had those moments where mid conversation I take a huge pause and close my eyes, while trying to remember what I’m saying I’m panicking about what others think, but lately il just ask them what we were talking about ha! It’s much easier to laugh it off at times, others I just want to crawl away, it mostly depends who it is that I’m talking to x I’m just trying to learn to go with the flow xx

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