What’s the “Right” age to become a parent!

Hiyyah Everyone.
I don’t personally believe there is a “right” age. 

The correct time is when it’s the right time for that person is it not.

I mean you can’t win if you have a baby when you are young you get judged, looked down on usually by the older generation.

Then you are told you should have a good career, good money and be mature enough. Apparently a Child can’t look after a child.

I’m not a child!

 I was 21 when I fell Pregnant!

I was 22 when I had Milly!

I’m now 23 with a 10 month old who is doing incredibly well, who is well looked after by me and my partner.

 Even though I was and still are going through hell with my mental health.

But it also happens to older parents they get judged for being to old.
So what is the “right” age to have a baby?

The “Right” age that people dont look down on you?

The “Right” age that people don’t judge? 

What made me think of this I hear you ask? (In my head) 

So I took my little one to Sainsbury’s today and the amount of people that looked down at me and judged me was ridiculous.
I was literally in there 10 minutes and 5 of those I spent changing Milly. 

So after that I gave her a bottle to drink whils she was in her pram! Honestly if looks could kill I wouldn’t be writing this post.
Milly is 10 months old she is perfectly fine drinking her milk whilst I was pushing her…

But because she is small and I’m young other people think I don’t know anything.

When in fact it’s them that knows nothing! If they stopped judging for 5 seconds and asked us about Milly we would tell them.

That would obviously be too much effort for some people to do and they don’t want to be proved wrong.

The people who judge us and think they know everything about our child when they don’t even know us! 

Why do we let them and their opinions effect us! Because unlike them we are human and we have feelings.

So before people judge us they need to think how they would feel if the tables were turned!

So I was wondering how many people have been judged or felt judged as a parent? 

Thanks for reading.

Hope you have a nice Night!



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