Hiyyah Everyone.
Before I start I would just like to say I have very little knowledge of politics and I have even less knowledge of American politics.

So everything I write is based on my personal opinion.

I feel sorry for the American people as they had a choice of two people one bad and one worse.

Where did all the other candidates go? why didn’t they make it? 

Instead they got an impossible choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump!

In my opinion Donald Trump is worse he may be a buisness man but he has gone bankrupt 6 times! That is not a good buisness man. 

He is also more known for being a reality TV star.

So the American president is a bankrupt, reality tv ,buisness man. Good luck America!

But in the end he won and for the next four years he will be there president.

I’m sure that the white rich people are going to be thrilled because that’s the only people who he will care about.

Unfortunately everyone else will just get left to struggle because unfortunately thats what happens the Rich look after the Rich.

I hope this dosen’t happen in America I hope you all get treated fairly but it happens in the UK and we are much smaller.

To be truthful I actually don’t think he should have been able to run for President  with no experience in politics it’s ridiculous.

They now have to put all their trust in this guy who can barely run a buisness et alone an entire country.

I am honestly worried for the women of America because he thought when he was just a celebrity he could treat women however he wanted. 

Now he is the President he will think he can do anything he wants, treat people the way he wants. 

He won’t just think he is president of America he will think he rules the world.

My older brother is currently studying in Washington, his girlfriend is  American and he lives with her.

They have been together a while now and this decision could change this.

He is legally there he has a student visa and everything he isn’t an illegal immigrant 😂

Luckily he is also a white, English man because if he was Mexican, Muslim or any other race or religion Trump dosen’t like he would have been back! 

Trust me that would be bad ! Well for me but at least he would get to see his neice.

I know when he did his speach when he won he said that he wants to reunite America which I hope he does but I don’t think he will.

I would just like to wish you all the best of luck with your new President Donald Trump and hope that he dosen’t turn your country upside down or piss off any more countries than he already has.
Once again this is just my personal opinion. I would love to hear all your opinions.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


                        GOOD LUCK!!! 


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