Why am I so useless!

Hiyyah Everyone.

So I am totally useless. we was supposed to take milly to her 1st bonfire tonight and we did but she didn’t see any fireworks.

I’m going to take you back to about 6pm tonight well closer to 6.30ish I got back from an afternoon out with my mum, mother in law (or close enough) and Milly.

I’m not joking from the moment I got in the house I was running around like a headless chicken.

My partner was already at the bonfire because it was up at the football club where my partner coaches.

So I got milly ready, gave her her tea, put some warmer clothes on, waited for lee’s brother to get ready… then we went to the car. 

By this time it was 7pm the fireworks started at 7.30pm so we had plenty of time to get there or so we thought….

Until I couldn’t find my car keys. I searched everywhere and like an idiot I had left my car keys in my mums car.

So I had to ring my mum and ask her if she had my car keys and she said I said I put them in the changing bag. So I went back in the house to see if I could find them in the changing bag ….

During this time I received a phone call from my mum to say they had found them under the car seat  base in her car and they would bring them around before they went to the bonfire…

During this time I somehow managed to loose one glove so I walked around with one glove but it gets worse.

The fireworks started at 7.30pm we got there at 7.36pm and they had finished.. I was gutted.

I love fireworks! but I was more gutted that I bought everyone to see the fireworks and made them miss them.

Oh and then walking up to the bonfire I dropped Milly’s hat luckily someone handed it in to my partner.

So yeh tbh I don’t think I could of done a better job of ruining everyone’s night and wasting their time.

I just cant wait to put milly to bed and jump into bed and forget this day ever happened…

But I’m sure I will never be able to forget it because it will be constantly brought up. like all my other mistakes. 

Thanks for reading.

Night xx


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