Fuming isn’t the word!

Hiyyah Everyone.

So today started off as a normal sunday morning getting up and getting ready to go watch the team my partner coaches.

He dosen’t have to go to every game but he does to show his team that he cares but as he can’t drive I have to go which I don’t mind.

Well I didn’t mind until today…

So we arrived on time.. actually early! (I know shocking right!)

But what we arrived to we wasn’t expecting.

But I will have to go back a few days so you understand what originally happened on Thursday.

I wasn’t there so I am just going on what my partner and the other parents told me.

Returning to Thursday now!

So a usual Thursday my partner coaches the under 13’s from 7pm until 8pm.

But this Thursday he did coach the under 13’s but there was one lad who I won’t name who kept bullying this other boy who is a lot smaller and has a heart condition.

The bully lad kept kicking the other boys ball away and winding him up and saying things to him.

So apparently the other lad kicked out but nobody saw this.

So the bully lad got this poor lad in a head lock and started punching him.

So my partner split it up and bully lad started swearing at my partner so without thinking or realising my partner called him a little shit and told him to go home.

Which was the right thing to do!

But the other lad was so upset and scared that the bully was going to get his friends to beat him up so the other lad didn’t want to go to school on Friday.

Now you know what happened now so we will go back to this morning.

We arrived and my partner says stand with the parents you will be fine

Well it was not! 

Because we had no clue what had just happened before we got there.. a quick update from the manager would have been nice.

So before we got there they had had a meeting with the parents of the two boys and some how bully boys mother who is a bitch twisted around on my partner.

Then whilst I was stood there she was saying shit about my partner. 

I honestly nearly killed her nobody says shit about my family .

I’ve had a really bad couple of months and I didn’t need this on top and neither did my partner.
She was shouting “I’m not being funny but he shouldn’t be stood there until an investigation  (that she just made up in her head) has been done.

She just stood there giving me evils.

I honestly felt like smashing her face in and I probably wouldn’t have stopped. 

I’m not a violent person unless you mess with my family then things change.

The only thing that stopped me was the fact milly was there and the parent of the other boy  who my partner stood up for.

She said to me don’t do anything because you could make it worse for your partner  (well she said his name)

The thing is all the other parents are on my partners side.

One parent even said well if she isn’t happy with him coaching bully boy then she can take him to another club.

So after the match my partner spoke to bully boys mother and she wouldn’t listen to him.

She just kept calling him a liar and not making her son take any responsibility for anything although he is a bully and is very disrespectful to everyone especially his coaches.

Why would he lie he has more to loose from this situation than to gain.

She was the liar she said her son went home and told her which is bullshit.

I kmow this because another parent who dropped her son home that night told me she didn’t even know about what happened until the manager rung her on Friday.

She also said that another coach swears at her son but he has never come home and told her!

How does that make sence? How did she know then did she use her phsycic powers.

I’m not being funny but she just dosen’t like my partner because he sent her son home for being a bully and fighting and he doesn’t put up with his attitude.

She was so arrogant and thought she knew everything and she wasn’t even there. 

Stupid BITCH!

I know my partner was slightly in the wrong for calling her son a little shit, although he is and all the other parents agree he is…

But that doesn’t excuse that her son is a bully.

She doesn’t want my partner to train him.. well that’s fine because he dosen’t want to train him anyway.

My partner will not let bullying happen. The poor lad gets bullied at school go’s to football to get away from it and then it’s happening at football the poor little lad won’t want to go anywhere.

We all know how shit schools are about sorting bullying out they just say they are following the policy..

Not sorting it but following the policy.

But on a good note my car stayed in one piece today. I know miracle right?

Thanks for reading 

Sorry about the rant. I just needed to get it of my chest.

Night night everyone 

Let’s get drunk!!!!! Only way I know to cope 



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