So let me tell you a little about my evil Grandma 

Hiyyah everyone.

I can’t remember if I have told you about my b*tch grandma but I will today as today I have to have tea with her at my mum and dads.

I have one Grandma who I absolutely adore with all my heart. (My dad’s mum)

She helped raised us.

We was there all the time as my mum and dad had to work.

We learnt so much from this grandma.

We made so many memories. 

As much as we adore her she adores us.

She would kill for us.

Then we have my b*tch Grandma  (my mum’s mum)

Who is the absolute opposite.

She adores my brother.

She hates me.

She is rude to me and people I love.

She never spent time with us even when she lived across the road.

It’s always us that has to put the effort in.

On my 21st birthday she told me that I was fat and ugly and there was no amount of make up would make me pretty.

She is fake around others.

She has called me horrible things numerous times.

She doesn’t and isn’t willing to understand mental illness.

Worst of all at my grandad’s funeral in may she totally ignored me until my mum and rest of my dad’s family arrived then she finally put her arm around me.

So I moved away.

I have barely spoken to her since.

She never ever rings to see how me or Milly are.

Today is the first time in a while I have seen her and I have been dreading it all day.

Luckily I have Lee.

I know you should respect your elders but respect works both ways and she shows me no respect.

If she dares put Milly down the way she put me down over the past 23 years she will regret it because I won’t bite my tounge then.

Wish me luck..



Milly giving me cuddles to calm my nerves lol x


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