Time for a change!

Hiyyah everyone.

I felt it was time for a change.. a change in my Hair. I had it cut short for my grandads funeral from really long. Now I’ve had it cut even shorter and gone back blonde. 

I was like what the hell lets go for it. I honestly felt that way. Usually I’m not like that with my hair but today thats honestly how I felt today.

So I will show you the before photo from a different day and then the after from today.

Before photo taken Saturday.

The photo below is of me in the process of having my hair done today. (Looking very attractive lol)

Then below is the finished product: (ignore my face just concentrate on the hair)

My mother in law to be at some point lol had her hair done too. Here’s looks really nice but I better not put a photo.

We had it done at Harmonize in Batley. Ive been going there for nearly 3  years now and Angela has only just started going on my recommendation. Because the staff are lovely, friendly and will never let you leave unhappy or with a hair style that dosen’t suit you. 

They are like friends now anything I need they are there and they are very understanding of my mental illness and no matter how I am they are always the kindest people. They don’t judge. They treat everyone who walks through their doors equally and most customers leave as friends and become regulars.

There is no bitchiness in Harmonize and it’s run by a mother and daughter team so it’s just a really nice place to be.

Thanks for reading 

Speak to you soon 



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