Setting myself a challenge a photography challenge. Feel free to join me.

Hi everyone 

So I have decided I am going to do a 31 day photography challenge. I have found some really good ones on pintrest.

 I really love pintrest I think its awsome.

As I recently started up photography again so instead of just taking photos of my beautiful baby girl because that is all I really have I thought I would try challenge myself.

This will not just test and help develop my photography skills but it will also help me work on my mental illness. I mean it’s not going to cure it but hopefully it will give me something apart from my little girl to focus on… I mean obviously my baby is my main focus but sometimes I need a distraction.

Tbh if taking photos distracts me from self harming then it’s worth it. Once again im not saying that it will stop me self harming but hopefully it will stop me doing it so often.

I have always enjoyed taking photos but I get scared of what people are going to say about them, if people are going to like them or if I should even bother.

All I can say is I’m going to try do the challenge if I miss the odd day then I miss the odd day. But I can only do my best nobody can ask for more.

Some wise words from my Grandad before he passed away. 

If you can put your hand on your heart and say I did my best then nobody can ask for anymore than that.

I miss my grandad so much and all I ever wanted to do was make him proud. Out of everyone in my family  except Lee my grandad always had my back.

Thanks for reading 

Night xx 

See below my photography challenge for this month.


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