A meeting with pathways about starting graded exposure.

Hi everyone 

I was supposed to write this earlier. So this afternoon I had a meeting with my new support worker today who is going to do graded exposure with me on a weekly basis. 

Have any of you done graded exposure before to help battle your anxiety?

Did it work for you?

My new support worker seems nice and she is going to go at my own pace and before we even start she is going to come to the house and let me get to know her because I find it incredibly difficult to trust knew people. So until I get to know her I am going nowhere.

I really want to do this because I don’t want Milly to be scared to go out because she picks up on everything and she is only 6 months old. But when she is older I can’t be saying “should we go to the park” for example, and get to the front door and have to say oh no we can’t go now mummy’s too scared to go out. 

Then when she gets older and she has to go to school and I can’t take her because of my anxiety.. what would I do then if nobody else could take her.. she can’t miss school but right now I would have no other choice to not take her.
I mean the poor child has never met any other baby’s and like I said she is 6 months old… I can’t even take my own baby to get weighed someone else has to take her and that brakes me. When she is older she is going to want to do things with me that right now there is no chance. 

So thats why I need to get better for my baby.. well for myself but my baby is my motivation.

Thanks for reading 



One thought on “A meeting with pathways about starting graded exposure.

  1. I have done graded exposure and it helped me but it was in little steps there are times when my anxiety gets too much for me and I can’t go out on my own but sometimes it’s nice and it’s an achievement for me to go out on my own xxx

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