My opinion on dangerous dogs. I blame the owners. What about you?

Hiyyah everyone

Well I have just finished watching professor green: dangerous dogs and I just feel sorry for these dogs and good owners who unfortunately have dogs that people class as “dangerous dogs” who end up having to have there dogs put down because of previous irresponsible owners who have trained their dogs to fight and attack or neglected these breeds like pitbulls, staffys, Japanese akitas  (not sure on the spelling) but big breeds have a bad name and I do blame the owners.

I think that if you own a dog it’s your responsibility to train it to socialise it. Tbh all dogs can change.. all dogs can be aggressive if they are taught to be.

I have had 4 dogs in my life and I am 22 and all our dogs where we’ll behaved. Yes they had there moments in the home. But as we looked after them well. When they left the house they behaved / behave. They had everything they needed including a loving home that provides love and care.

2 sadly passed away of cancer and the two we have now live with my mum and dad because all though they are well behaved I wouldn’t want milly to be with them all the time.. I mean we visit my mum and dad with milly obviously and they know to stay away or if the come close its only if they have permission.

That’s another thing I don’t agree with dogs getting put down when there owners have left there babies/ children
In with the dog unsupervised all it would take is for that child to make a strange noise or fast movement and that dog will attack and they are not always attacking they just think they are playing with a toy.

So I don’t know why the dog get put down it should be the irresponsible owners who get put down or at least get a prison sentence.

I know I’m asking a lot as murders barley get a prison sentence but that’s another story.

This is just my opinion. What are your thoughts are on the subject?

Death row dogs: dangerous or not?

Thanks for reading

Time for lunch I think!!
Have a good afternoon xx


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