A new diagnosis of borderline personality disorder 😱

Hi everyone

So my CPN has just been to my house and I finally decided it was time to tell the truth about my emotional state because I’m not going to lie I was scared to open up about how I was feeling because I didn’t want anyone to take Milly away from me.

But I spoke to my partner and he said I need to be honest with my CPN otherwise she wouldn’t be able to help me and I would just get worse! So I thought I had to be honest.. which was hard but luckily my CPN Katy is really nice.

She explained to me that it was also called emotionally unstable personality disorder! Which I think sounds worse.

She also said the meds I’m on now would be used for people who had borderline personality disorder.

The thing I’m worried about is telling people because they already think I’m crazy and are not willing to learn about any mental health problems! So what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say? Or do I just keep it too myself? Help me!

Thanks for reading 🙂 any advice would be appreciated on how to deal with the diagnosis and how to explain to people what it is.

Have a fab day! Xx


5 thoughts on “A new diagnosis of borderline personality disorder 😱

  1. It’s really hard. I generally choose to keep it private – but there’s no right or wrong answer. I know of some people who have found talking openly about their mental health problems really liberating.

    Sorry – that isn’t very helpful!

    Good luck and congratulations on your baby.



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